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How to publish SSRS report to anonymous web site using ASP.NET (#1/3) – Prerequisites


This article is to describle the way how to publish a SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) report with aspx to a web site on IIS. Very simple requirements, and steps will be used to help your understanding for overall steps.

The overall steps are as follows,
. Set SSRS configurations
. Create a sample DB, and table
. Create a user account to be used in ASP.NET and SSRS/SQL
. Build a report using SSRS
. Build a ASP.NET application (Web Form)
. Create a web site for the report (assumes IIS and SSRS are in a single server)

After all, let anonymous users access a report(aspx) from SSRS, using a web browser with a configurable URL such as ‘http://report.sample.server/default.aspx’ as shown below.


FYI, if you’re not familiar with using Windows Server, Visual Studio, and SQL, this article may fail to help you to see the result of SSRS application here. Understand me that the purpose of this post is not introducing SSRS, Visual Studio, SQL, and IIS.


Reporting Services Configuration

This step is required to set configurations for any reports to be accessed by asp.net using DataSet, DataSource of SSRS

Open ‘Reporing Services Configuration Manager’ on SQL server, as shown below,


Click ‘Start’ to move forwrd,


In ‘Web Service URL’ tab, configure port and check the name of ‘Report Server URL’ to be used later. In many cases, it’s just required the port number in above screen. For this case, Report Server URLs is ‘http://jchoi02:802/ReportServer’.

Note that you don’t need to configure anything in IIS server yet, but just avoid duplicated port number with other services including any web sites in IIS.

Click ‘Report Manager URL’ to configure it. To make any change, click ‘Advanced’ button


For this case, ‘Report Manager URL’ is ‘http://jchoi02:80/Reports’, to be used later


Creating sample DB and table in SQL Server

Let me prepare a very simple DB and table as shown below, you can refer the name of table, and data to be preared,


I created TestDB as a database, and UserAge as a simple table as simple as possible. The above data will be used in a report to be published on web site


Creating a user account on Windows and SQL

Using a ‘Computer Management’ on Windows Server, I created ‘ReportWebUser’, and just set a password and password option as shown below


This is a local account on Windows, so it assumes this account can be used in IIS, and SQL in a same server, otherwise, you may need to create AD account

Note that SQL Server should be enabled to use Windows Authentication for this case


After creating a Windows account (ReportWebUser), open SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio), and go to ‘Security’ > ‘Logins’  and click ‘New Login…’ as shown above.

Set a ServerName\ReportWebUser, just created, and apply db_datareader permission at least on ‘User Mapping’ tab.



Now, we’re ready to proceed to build a SSRS report, and ASP.NET application to display the report on a anonymous web site. This will be covered in a next post.


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