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Picnic at CheonMa Mountain Park

On a national holiday, I decided to go on a picnic with my family, near from my town.

There can be many choices to go, my preferred place is not such a tough mountain, not a crowed place, and beautiful nature with forest, river, and flowers. This time, I selected Mt. CheonMa (Korean name – 천마산).

Cheonma Mountain is located in Namyangju-si(east of Seoul), Gyeonggi-do, Korea. it’s 812m height.

DSC01274 The location is quite near from Seoul(around 30km), and easy to arrive by driving, or public transportations. you can reach there by bus (#165), or use Pyeongnae-Hopyeong Station by train (and take bus #165). The entrance of park has parking lots for free.

The gate of CheonMa Mountain park welcomes us,

DSC01273 (It says ‘Cheonmasan Country Park’)

The park provides long & pleasant path along the valley, it’s good to enjoy forest views, and take rest with nature

DSC01272 DSC01264

This place doesn’t have huge water falls, and landscape with great rocks, but it’s good enough to enjoy lunch meal box in pleasant air with family. A small river flows, and I could see fishes, well, I’d like to organize fishing activity for my sons.

DSC01261 DSC01225

climbing 812 meters is not such a easy thing for me, but it looks easy for 6 & 9 year-old children. Smile One thing to suggest, is that there’re many small activities to do, along the way – taking photos, collecting bugs, and enjoying meal-box beside of flowers.

DSC01265 DSC01269 DSC01231

After I became breathless several times, finally, the peak of mountain welcomes us, and people help each other to take nice photos there.

DSC01243 DSC01253 DSC01239

If children is too young, or you’re difficult to walk, climbing to the top is not a good choice, because you’ll meet rocks, and scary number of stairs to reach the peak.

DSC01229 DSC01256

I spent 6 hours from-to the entrance of the park, but if you just enjoy easy path along the forest without climbing the peak, it doesn’t take long time, and it’s just easy & good walking.


If you visit any mountains in Korea from middle of October, to middle of November, then there’s extra offer from mountains for you – beautiful autumn colors of maple trees.

# Here’re suggestions for you,

Preparation – meal box, bottles of water, camera, & shoes for climbing (if you want to reach the mountain peak)

Schedule – no reservation required. recommended to visit – after a rainy day for more activities around brook, or Oct to November for enjoying autumn colors.

Access to the park : there’re many entrances of the park, I think the best is at Hopyeong-dong, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, because the trail is well developed. Use the location map at the top of this article.

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